Lipitalia 2000 spa

Supplying fats for industrial use

For more than 40 years, Lipitalia 2000 SpA has been exclusively active in the collection and processing of by- products from slaughtered animals that are healthy when slaughtered, classified by EU Regulation 1069/2009 as Category 3 material. Each batch of production Is tested and monitored, with accounting records ensuring the full traceability of each single batch produced.

In recent years, the company has increasingly expanded its range of fertilizers from solid, organic and mineral organs, dust, pellets, liquids ( hydrolysed proteins), used in fertigation or as leaf biostimulants, placing particular attention to the use in bio cultures.

We operate in the market of animal fat products. Animal fats, if they are intended for combustion or carburization, have recently been included among energy products by D.Lgs. 26/2007, in application of Directive 2003/96 / EU. Animal fats, used in the production of electricity and / or heat, are to be treated as equivalent to the BTZ dense fuel oil, from a tax point of view.

produzione idrolizzati proteici
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